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Script to report list of tables requiring reorg
11-01-2010, 08:23 AM
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Script to report list of tables requiring reorg

Does anyone have a script to report list of tables in a particular database/server requiring reorg based on cluster ratio threshold (say 0.5) ?

Appreciate your help.


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10-06-2011, 01:15 AM
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RE: Script to report list of tables requiring reorg

Yes we have, but it is (a) much more full featured [takes a very detailed inventory] and producing REORG REBUILD statements is a tiny part (b) it is commercial, so I can't post the code. Drop me a line if you are interested and you have a budget.

But for this narrow need, just what you have requested, or for a more generic list of DataStructures, the code is easy to write.

You need to be specific about (a) what type of REORG and (b) which cluster ratio you want to examine. For (a) I will assume REBUILD. Of course, you are talking about DPL/DRL tables, so I will leave APL tables out of the discussion.

(b) requires a bit of discussion. DERIVED_STAT() does some things right and some things inconsistently. For some invalid requests:
it produces NULL, which is correct because there is no such thing as a Clustered Index (IndexId = 1) for DPL/DRL tables.

Similarly, but not quite consistently, if you execute

on a table that has a Clustered Index (APL only of course), IndexPageClusterRatio produces 0.00. Now that is technically true, because the Index is Clustered with the Data, and thus DPCR is meaningful; IPCR does not apply, and zero is sort of a reasonable return. But I would prefer if it were consistent and returned NULL.

Likewise, for DataRowClusterRatio on a CI, it always returns 100.00, which is technically true but quite meaningless, because when the Index is Clustered with the Data, DataRowClusterRatio will always be 100.00, pretty much by definition. DRCR applies only to NCIs. I would prefer that it returned NULL.

Now for DPL/DRL tables which cannot have Clustered Index, if you address the CI (IndexId = 1) it correctly produces NULL. But if you address any of the NCIs (including the Placement Index), it produces values:
    DPCR: quite meaningless, and confusing, because the Data is not clustered with the addressed index; the Heap is relevant
    IPCR: correct, because that is the path that any NonClustered Index would take to the Data
    DRCR: correct
    LGIO: correct, but note, that is the index; the Heap is more relevant
    SPUT: zero, as it does not apply (I would prefer NULL)

The DPCR for an NCI (including PI) is very confusing, particularly because it is sometimes meaningful: when you have created a fresh Placement Index, it will be close to 1.0; but that will very quickly get fragmented and deteriorate from the desired 1.0. Whereas with a Clustered Index (for which the DPCR figure is meaningful all the time), it deteriorates very slowly, two years on a well-designed CI. Second, there is nothing you can do to slow that fast slide of a NCI from 1.0 to 0.0, as you can do with a CI. SO that best way to view DPCR for NCI or PI is, that it is coincidental with the REORG and quite meaningless at all other times.

I would prefer if DERIVED_STAT() were consistent, and returned NULL for values that did not apply, rather than sometimes returning NULL; other times 0.00 or 100.00 (which are ignored), yet other times good-looking values that simply do not apply. Then these explanations would not be necessary.

For DPL/DRL tables, if you are concerned about fragmentation (your question is about REORG) you really want to look at the DPCR of the Heap (IndexId = 0), not the NCI (including PI), and the IPCR of the PI.

Now your specific "0.5" ratio for rebuilds. To be clear, we are discussing the DPCR of the Heap of DPL/DRL tables. Actually, by the time it gets that low, the table will be a tortoise. You need to rebuild when it gets to 0.9 for high speed, and and absolute bottom of 0.80 for reasonable speed.


The following summarises my points above, and identifies the values that are relevant, that you should act upon, the other values should be ignored in order to avoid confusion:
    Heap  yes               yes   yes
    Clst  yes               yes   yes
    NCI         yes   yes   yes         -- including PI

I have included a butchered list from our sprc, which includes the issues described above, in the hope that it clarifies my post. It lists DataStructures along with fragmentation stats which are relevant to the DataStructure type.

Attached File(s)
.pdf  HelpDataStructFrag.pdf (Size: 59.4 KB / Downloads: 96)

Ashirvad to my Shishyas, Cheers to the others
Derek Asirvadem
Information Architect / Sr Sybase DBA
Selection of Useful Documents for the Sybase DBA
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